Dream Mail

Over the next decade, your inner world is going to get really big, and the "far away-ness" of people and things is going to get really close. You're going to know that you can access people and things right here with your consciousness. I practice with this now because I like to be up on advances in technology, and there's no technology more advanced, more sophisticated, than your consciousness. It's natural, organic, biological technology, and I'm getting to know how the technology works.

There are lots of ways to get to know your conscious, biological technical device. One way is to study your dreams--how you construct them, what they feel like, and the information that's coming and going within them. I was doing that today. I was thinking about a dream I had last night where I was at the front of the line at the post office. In the dream, I turned to the woman in the line next to me, and I said, "Here I am at the front of the line again. It seems like I'm always at the front of the line these days." She gave me your quintessential, "what's that got to do with me" look, but I was too self-congratulatory to mind. I felt like I was making a great deal of progress.

As I continued to take apart the symbolism, it occurred to me that I was sending and receiving a lot of "mail" in the dream. In other words, I was sending and receiving dream mail, or information, via the dream state. I thought, "That's what we do in the dream state. We send dream mail."

I thought, "What if we all did this in the waking state?" What if we sent information to each other, consciously. We're doing it all of the time right now unconsciously. I do it a little consciously now and again. When I'm making muesli in the morning, for instance, I'll think about all of the people that harvested the oats or the sesame seeds or the whatnot, and I'll consciously thank them. It's not a general thing. I think about my consciousness, and I contact all of them right here in my consciousness and then send the message of thanks with a lovely energy burst. For a brief nanosecond, I can feel their energy, and I know I'm making actual contact.

This is how I'm beginning to use these inner states more deliberately. You get familiar with their nature, and then you start to use them with intention. I like the idea of dream mail. I'm going to be sending a lot more of it in my waking state. I'm doing so now, in the timeless, spaceless, "place" called consciousness. Did you get my message?

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