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Dream Mail

Over the next decade, your inner world is going to get really big, and the "far away-ness" of people and things is going to get really close. You're going to know that you can access people and things right here with your consciousness. I practice with this now because I like to be up on advances in technology, and there's no technology more advanced, more sophisticated, than your consciousness. It's natural, organic, biological technology, and I'm getting to know how the technology works.

There are lots of ways to get to know your conscious, biological technical device. One way is to study your dreams--how you construct them, what they feel like, and the information that's coming and going within them. I was doing that today. I was thinking about a dream I had last night where I was at the front of the line at the post office. In the dream, I turned to the woman in the line next to me, and I said, "Here I am at the front of the line again. It seems …