I Don't Know The Future

Normally, by this time of year, I have a feel for what's brewing for the year to come. Usually, I'll share my impressions with family, friends, and neighbors and offer some insights on this blog about how to deal with the issues that are likely to pop up. Last year, around September, I mentioned the rise in the feminine energy, for example. This year, however, for the first time in my life, I have no clue about what's on the horizon.

I've been half puzzled, and half fascinated, by this. On the one hand, my ability to "feel into things"  has been like a machine. It's reliable, and it's always on. It feeds me information continuously. On the other hand, getting no information is a type of information. In a way, getting no information portends a massive change in play. It marks some kind of structural difference in the way that we perceive reality because, clearly, I'm perceiving something different.

So, in the face of that, I've been looking to my internal global positioning system for guidance. That system asks where I'd like to go, and I answer myself as follows. I want be in an honest and caring world. Those are my GPS coordinates. That's my goal. That's my agenda. That's my trajectory. It's what I want to build. It's where I want to live.

I want my interactions to be honest and caring. I want my work to be honest and caring. I want to be around honest and caring people. I want to live in an honest and caring society with honest and caring institutions and honest and caring systems composed of honest and caring innovations. I want the technology that I use to be honest and caring, and the philosophical structure of culture to be honest and caring and the arts, sciences, and inventions that follow to be honest and caring. I'm interested in an honest and caring existence.

I may not see the whole picture right now, but I know the goal. Therefore, whatever's on its way, I'm ready for it. I know that we can handle it because I know the goal.

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