Lowering Your High Horse, Highering Your Low Horse

I like to give a head's up about what to look for as we navigate through these unusual times so that you can see that there's some order in the chaos and take heart. The head's up here is to look out for the disassembling of hierarchy.

We're moving from a global social structure founded on the idea that everything and everyone is separate to one in which we understand and recognize that everything and everyone is one. All of our world structures have been based on the assumption of separation. Hierarchy is the byproduct of this belief in fundamental separation.

Hierarchies are the idea of quantities, that someone has more of something or less of something--more power or less power, more value or less value. The change that you're going to see will be away from the belief in amounts of things to the idea of focusing on a specific element of the whole in order to experience the qualities of that element. These are very different perceptions.

To understand the new system, imagine that all of the information that exists, including new information that's forming all of the time, is stored on a collective server that everyone can access through their computer. In this analogy, you're a computer that can access any information. You're one with all of it, and so is everyone else. You possess, you have, you contain, that ability to access and use all information because it's part of what you are as a computer. But you're only going to access and use the information that's relevant to you. You do this by looking for, and focusing on, the information that you want.

This focusing doesn't really create an "amount" of anything even though you may obtain and understand volumes of information about a specific idea. For instance, you may know, after years of focusing on the topic, everything there is to know about cats. You could say that you have "more" knowledge of cats than other people. You could try to quantify it in that respect because you can recite extensive bits of information about cats, but it's not really true that you have "more" information about cats because everyone else on the planet contains, and has access to, the same information.

So, really you don't have more information than other people. They just haven't brought the same volume of cat information to their attention because it's not relevant to their explorations. They're not aware of that information, but it's still theirs. This is how oneness works. This is how you have differences within oneness. Everyone's accessing information differently. However, everyone has the ability to access all information.

At present, people compare the various states of information that each individual has, and declarations are made that this person has more information, more power, more influence, and this other person has less information, less power, less influence. This is a contrivance. All individuals have the exact same of everything. However, no individual is accessing the exact same of anything. That's why we call them "individuals." Individuality is the fact of each being accessing information differently.

We used to do all of this without thinking about it. In eras past, we saw the differences between people and believed that those differences were fundamental. Now, we're going to know that oneness, or infinite access to everything, is fundamental, and the differences are only differences in focus. So, there's not going to be all of this comparison of "amounts."

Now, this isn't going to happen overnight. You're still going to see people comparing, measuring, categorizing, and grading for a long time to come. However, you're already seeing the breakdown of structures that are based on hierarchy. Hierarchy is going to fall of its own weight due to the massive changes in philosophy that are happening. It's like an evolutionary mutation of the species. It has to happen, and it can't be stopped. The reason it's not going to stop is that we all knew, going into this era, that we didn't want to stop it. It's part of the plan.

This inability to support hierarchies is going to deconstruct, or reconstruct, everything--religions, businesses, governments, militaries, social organizations, and everything else. If there are elements of an organization that ask you to forfeit your will and submit to the will of another, this organization is on its way to failure. There are no exceptions. All hierarchies are going to disassemble. No one has to work to take them apart. They're just going to fall apart all on their own.

There will be roles in future organizations. You may have a person who's speaks for an organization or leads its vision, and so forth, but the assumption will be that this person is no more important than anyone else. I'm not talking about communistic, socialistic, or utopian ideals. This is not about changing things for "social justice" or any such agendas. It's about a planetary atmosphere that has already changed and is beginning its momentum. The changes that are present have a structure. That structure requires humans to acknowledge the oneness of everything in order to function within it. I'm talking about the survival of the species. In order to survive, you'll have to acknowledge equality and unity.

If you revere or revile anyone or anything with any kind of fervor, it's going to get uncomfortable. Everyone's going to have to lower their high horses and higher their low horses until the neutral, equal playing field becomes the norm. In the meantime, you can watch this process of hierarchy deconstruction happening everywhere if you keep your eyes open and understand what you're seeing.

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