Flip And Burn

A "flip and burn" is an impossibly dangerous, seemingly apocalyptic space maneuver wherein you slow down the momentum of a spaceship and accelerate it into an entirely different trajectory. We're in a type of cultural flip and burn right now.

Getting through a flip and burn is all about knowing that the destination of the new trajectory is worth the discomfort. In case you don't understand where we're going, I have an eye on the destination for you, and I'm telling you that it's worth the discomfort. I can't emphasize enough, however, how different the trajectory is. We're not moving into a different version of the old way. We're moving in an entirely different way. We're moving into a paradigm of limitlessness.

Limitlessness is utterly foreign to us. We're used to thinking about restrictions. We do it in every area of life. We think and talk in terms of limitation. For example, I heard someone say that we won't have extraterrestrial contact for at least a thousand years, and I thought, "You're off your friggin' nut." They didn't have an eye on the destination, weren't aware of the trajectory, and probably had no concept of the flip and burn in play. That's because they're used to thinking in terms of linear limits.

We'll have extraterrestrial contact before the end of this century, and people are already having interdimensional contact now, and anyone who took the time to feel into their own intuition on the subject would know this. But most people are accustomed to thinking in a prepackaged, programmed manner about the nature of reality. That prepackaged, programmed manner is not the way it's going to be. That program will lead you astray because that program wasn't written for the new game. The new "rules" state that the boundaries are going to get fuzzy and then disappear.

We're not used to thinking in limitless terms. We like to place rules on things because it gives us a sense of control because that's where we think we find our stability, but we're not moving into a dressed up version of the old game. We're moving into an entirely new game--an expanded, multidimensional, game. Rules aren't going to work. It's different terrain.

Therefore, expect different. Be okay with different. You can even be excited about different. But what you're going to get is a whole lot of different. We're seeing some different right now, but this is just the beginning.

People have been taught that limitlessness is impractical, so be patient with yourself as you get used to new, less limited, experiences. For example, some more expanded skills are going to come online next year for many people as we begin to burn into the new trajectory, and you want to be patient as you adopt these new experiences into your sense of identity. You may begin to have intense dreams or see inner images or get impulses that come with information, or your intuition may increase. You may see more synchronicities or notice patterns. These are the movements into a more expanded sense of self.

For some of you, these things are old hat. Instead, you may see other skills come to the surface such as a connection with physical objects or telepathy. For still others, you may begin to "remember" being other people in other times and other spaces. These experiences are all part of the expansion of your awareness. You're loosening up your narrow, physical focus to make room for a more expanded, more limitless, definition of what you are and what you can do.

Be forewarned that the expanded paradigm doesn't function in petty "us versus them" ways. There's a process that we each engage, in our own timing, to drop the grip on our sense of separation in order to function in the new paradigm. In the meantime, matrices are moving into place for an expanded playing field. Therefore, you have to remain flexible and open if you want to stay on top of the changes. And you are, and you will. Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this blog.

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