The Human Race Is A Sleeper Cell

"Sleeper cell" is an awesome term. There's something great about the idea of someone humming along as if they're just one thing, and then one day they're triggered into a totally different reality of themselves. The human race is like that. It's one giant sleeper cell, and it's waking up. It's doing so in pockets.

You may be an individual, feeling isolated as you wake up to the reality at hand because there may be no one around you, physically, sharing your perspective, but you're really part of a global pocket that's being triggered into a phase of awakening. Your buddies may be from different countries, religions, ages, races, educations, financial brackets, and so forth, but they're actually part of your awakening group.

You may even become aware of some of them. Perhaps, you find some of them online or through books or organizations or even dreams. You may hum along for a while, finding comfort in your group, and then one day your perspective doesn't match the perspective of the group anymore, and you become a splinter cell, diving off into a different global phase of awakening. And so it goes. This is the process of awakening.

You don't have to be aware that you're part of a bigger process of awakening as you awaken. The process is happening, regardless. However, it's nice to know that you have company, and you most certainly have company. By the third quarter of this century, the entire globe will be fully awake. That's a lot of company, and everyone's journey to awakeness is going to be different, which is what makes these times so fascinating.

You may ask yourself what it means to journey to be "awake." It means that you're going to change your perspective again and again and again until you become completely aware that individuality does not mean separation. You're going to shake yourself up until you remember that individuality is individuated oneness. At that point, your baseline assumptions for how reality functions will be founded on the understanding that everything is fundamentally connected, coherent, and cooperative. All social constructions in the not-so-distant future will be based on this knowing, so the world you'll see around you will be quite different.

Another way to say this is that there will be no more "against" because it will be understood that if you fight something, you're fighting another element of yourself. This will be a literal understanding because you'll feel others as a part of you. You'll feel the world as a kind of extended body instead of separate from your body. Some of you may be feeling elements of this now.

We awaken in stages and in groups even if we're not aware of the stages or the groups. I'm just letting you know that you're not alone, and that it's all moving along. The sleeper cells are awakening.

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