Skill Games 1: Feeling The Emphasis

I thought I'd shake it up and try something different here and post a game of sorts to help with the development of multidimensional skills.

As part of a programmed society, we're taught to ignore our most basic information source: feelings. Over time, we develop layers and layers of beliefs that detach us from our feelings. As this Shift progresses, you have to reconnect with your feelings because feelings become more pronounced. So, you have to know what they are and how to deal with them.

The first step is to notice that you're having feelings. The dog knocks over and breaks a cherished family heirloom, and you feel upset. You're running late for work, and you feel anxious. You see a cute baby in a stroller, and you feel happy. All of these feelings are communications, telling you what you're focusing on. You think that you're focused on events, but you're really focused on ideas. The types of ideas determine the feelings you feel.

The biology that you're rocking (that thing you call your body) can give you much more information than merely feeding back your focus. In order to access those greater depths of information, you have to learn to feel subtle differences. It's a bit of a stretch at this juncture in the Shift for most people, but if you want to mess around with your ability to access information through your body, play the following game.

I've emphasized four words in this blog. I expanded each word to the largest size available, bolded it, turned it red, imagined it was radiating white light, and then embedded the communication to you, the reader: "Here's some extra loving energy for you to have and to use."

So, as you look through the blog, see if you can pick up a little emphasis in a word. Maybe you feel it as a little umph in a particular sentence, but you can't get the exact word. Or maybe it seems like it's in a certain paragraph, but you can't figure it out. Or maybe it feels like it's in one area because there's a feeling of density in that area while the other areas feel loose, but you can't narrow it down any further than that. All of that is using your feelings to access information. It all counts.

Everything that you do physically exists non-physically. So, when you look at the blog, you're really accessing non-physical information that's translated into images that you see with you eyes. But there's more information than the physical presentment, and you can learn to pick it up.

I'll post the words here on Stone Bloom. Have fun, and good luck.

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