In Like a Lion, Out Like a Pride of Lions

This is a unique month. This month of August, 2017, holds the potential to move us, as a collective, into greater coherency. This month, and the ones that follow, won't look coherent to many people. To many people, it will seem like life alternates between stagnation and chaos, between boredom and incoherency, between no change and too much change. This is because atmospheric construction and deconstruction happens at the same time, but most people have their attention on the deconstruction. Deconstruction looks like stasis and instability. Construction looks like inner strength. Most people don't even notice that new construction is happening because they're too busy feeling insecure due to their focus on the deconstruction.

Everything in this world is happening in a context, an atmosphere, a climate, a dimensional playing field. That field has changed, significantly, and continues to change at a rather rapid pace. As it does, so do the constructions that "fit" that field. Certain events and systems no longer have the structures to support them, while other events and systems are now able to thrive. This is what we're experiencing right now--a transformation of context. This world is going from a base assumption of separation to a base assumption of non-separation.

Assumptions are energy, and energy is alive. Energy is alive because it has intelligence (it has knowledge and information), and it moves. The universe you find yourself in at this moment is composed, entirely, of live energy. When you change your assumptions, you change the energy that your radiate (your knowledge, information, and motion), and this changes your relationship with all other energy that's here in this universe. The changes in you affect the physical dimension we live in. When groups of people do this, the dimension shifts into different physics. This is what's happening at present.

It doesn't take many people shifting their assumptions to affect the dimension and all of its inhabitants for the simple reason that a focus of non-separation hold enormous energy because these patterns don't divide. Ideas, which are patterns of motion, hold energy. Ideas of division are weaker than ideas of unity because ideas of division move at a slower rate. Thus, they're unable to carry much information (power).

Your thoughts and your assumptions carry gigantic, or tiny, amounts of information (power or energy), depending on their constitution. Ideas that hold the quality of oneness are dense with energy. This is why it takes very few individuals, holding assumptions of unity, to move an entire planet into resonance with them. Collectively, they hold the upper hand even though their numbers may look, to the outside observer, comparatively small. We moved into that tipping point where the group assuming unity became dominant a while ago. Now, this month holds the potential to offer greater mastery for anyone in that group or anyone who wants to join that group.

Another way to view this month is to see it as a portal. A portal is something that moves you. It carries you from one state to another state. It transports you. When groups of people focus on a singular idea over time, it builds energy, and can create a portal--an offering, a door, to transport you from one set of assumptions into another, from one set of experiences to another, from one type of exploration to another. This month is one such offer, or doorway, to express with greater power your understanding of the inherent oneness of everything and everyone. This portal holds the potential to enable you to express, with great confidence, your decision to live in, and as, the new paradigm.

The way you take advantage of the portal of August is to consciously make the decision to let go of comparison. You decide that you're going to stop comparing anything to anything or anyone to anyone. In metaphoric terms, your ticket into this portal is to view yourself as a lion. You become a lion, with access to this portal, when you decide to stop comparing. You're no longer going to compare yourself to your ideal, your government to what you want it to do, other people to your list of rules of acceptable behavior, and so on. You decide to allow the divinity of all as it is. This is you as a lion.

You enter the portal as a lion, and as you move through the month, practicing non-comparison, letting go of competition, criticism, and lament, you join with all others who are making the same choice, and your power grows exponentially, grounding you with strength in the new paradigm. You exit the portal at the end of the month as a pride of lions because you've increased the amount of power you hold because you've been practicing, with others, non-separation. 

At the end of the portal, you walk into the world as a pride of lions, affecting everyone and everything around you, igniting greater levels of change. Just by being in your neighborhood, you radiate the dossier, so to speak, that allows others around you to "read" the new paradigm, thereby affecting the world. In other words, August holds the potential to build the new constructions at a more rapid and enjoyable pace because there's greater strength when groups of individuals are focused together on a singular aim. That aim is for each individual to make oneness their base assumption of reality. It's done in stages. August is a unique opportunity to assist with one of those stages because there's so much energy (power and information) present at this time.

This months is an offer. As with all offers, you're free to accept or decline at your will. A new world is forming. You help construct it when you align your intent with the baseline assumptions of the new era. That era assumes the unity of all things. Therefore, all habits that would malign and degrade any "part" of unity have to be left in the dust.

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