Love Your California

I love California. I do. It's not necessarily logical. And I'm not alone. Everywhere on the planet there's someone just like me, enthusiastically loving the place that they call home.

I mention this because those people that love their corner of the planet are keeping a kind of net of light lit across the globe, and this plays into the probabilities available as we move into a more malleable future. The locale lovers keep the vision for all of us of how good it can get. This might not seem like a big deal but, whether you're aware of it or not, reality is going to slowly lose some of its intense solidity. As this happens, the environment is affected, and you want it to be affected in ways that work for you, not in ways that work against you. That's where loving where you live comes into play.

The reality around you--the environment, the events that happen to you, the plants, the animals, the climate, and the Earth--is affected by what you think and feel about it. This isn't just woo woo hippie-babble. There are mountains of scientific research available to back this up, if you're willing to take the time to do some research.

For example, look up the biology of perception, and you'll find that your cells are affected by the way that you treat them. They react to the way that you talk about your body and the way that you feel about your body. The same goes for plants. Check out the research of Luther Burbank. He conducted studies about the way that plants respond to human intention. Or take a gander at some of the quantum physics studies that posit that you see a table because you believe a table is there, so the atoms create that form for you (this latter bit is exactly what I experienced in the out-of-body).

Another way to say this is that science is beginning to understand that individuals are significant. What you think, what you feel, what you believe, what you dream, and what you vision matters. It's going to matter much more and much faster as we move into the next few years. So, it's to your enormous benefit to begin to consciously and deliberately vision what you want.

For example, I'll share a decision I made just a day ago. I made the decision to ignore what everyone says about the planet, in general, and California, in particular, and offer my own vision for what these "things" are. That vision is of a verdant, bucolic California with plenty of rain and balance as a part of a planet that is healthy, natural, and thriving.

These are my internal, visual reference points for California and the planet now. I don't reference the news, I don't reference science, I don't reference other people's opinions. I reference my personal desire. I see a beautiful, green state and a gorgeous, radiant planet. That's how I choose to invest my energy. Anyone can do this. It takes very little effort. Forty-five seconds max.

However, I find that most people are unwilling to risk the forty-five seconds. They're happy to take you on a ten day bitch-fest about what's wrong with the world, but they won't make the millisecond effort to focus on anything that smacks of optimism. Most people fear that being positive will make them a fool because they believe their vision won't pan out because they don't control the mechanics that connect their vision to events. Even though no one has to know about your positive focus, most people self-deny themselves the beautiful visions.

Remember, however, that it's your mind. You can keep your optimism a secret from everyone. In truth, this is an investment you want to make. Find your balls, discover you gut, locate your grit, and make the effort. At least once a day, see your locale, and the planet, the way that you want it to be. Make it your destination point. In other words, know where you're going by deciding where you're going. Be delusional. Be unrealistic. Tell the experts to suck it.

If you focus on a natural, fertile world, you're planting yourself on the New Earth. Tend it daily, love it up, and see it grow. You won't be alone in your pretty world. There are lots of us, working on that beautiful vision together.

You're reading Hummingbird Daredevils by S.L. Standish.

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