The Bridges Are Collapsing

Recently, I saw footage of the Pfeiffer Canyon bridge collapsing in Big Sur, and I thought that this was the perfect analogy for what's happening globally this year. The bridges are collapsing.

We don't acknowledge, or even recognize, the structural dynamics of this dimension. This is a dimension of energy. As the physicists know, but the public has yet to catch up to, energy is in instant communication with energy everywhere. That means that everything is instantly known everywhere. The atoms in your knee know what planets are doing in other galaxies. This is a coherent, organized universe.

You participate with this coherent, organized universe through your focus. Everything that you focus on is a structure of energy. When a bunch of people focus on a particular type of energy, it forms group experiences. You were born into a group experience, a paradigm of focus. That paradigm is a specific structure. Structures are fed energy through the focus of individuals everywhere. This is how they stay alive and active.

Before you were born, you and everyone else, agreed to change the group focus of this dimension, to focus on a different structure. The challenge was to remember this when you arrived because you were in a very strong atmosphere that was already alive, active, and at play. As a matter of course, these types of mass changes in focus take long periods of time to implement because people have to find ways to wake themselves up before the change in focus can take place. They have to remember ideas that aren't supported by the world around them. Many individuals don't wake up because it's too difficult. They fall in line with the overwhelming energy of the social norms and can't roust themselves awake. Therefore, to help this process along, we send in experts that are very good at keeping certain focuses while in atmospheres that don't support those focuses.

These individuals can be viewed as extensions. They're born into a dimension and, while they're here, they extend to people, in energy, and encourage them to change their focus by presenting a different energy. This is done automatically because all energy is in constant communication with all energy. Thus, this is done without a word spoken (though many of these individuals speak their perspectives, too). You can view this activity as a kind of bridge. These people are bridges of energy that allow those who are stuck in one paradigm find a road to another paradigm. These bridgers don't carry signs, they don't pontificate, and they don't fight. They blend. They come cloaked in every profession and every walk of life. They fit in, which is why they're so effective. They look like everyone else, but they're different.

These individuals who have been here, bridging by extending their energy into the old paradigm are now withdrawing their energy from the old paradigm and focusing their energy into the new paradigm. This action of withdrawing has been going on extensively this year. You can view it as the collapsing of the bridges.

What this means for you is that you have to take up the charge that they held for you and own it for yourself. What these individuals have been projecting to the collective has been a single, continuous message: "You are equal to everyone and everything." Now, if you haven't done so already, you have to embody that message for yourself. You have to be the one, feeding that energy to yourself. When you do so, you energize, promote, and build a different social structure. This is how the new era forms.

What happens in this process is the old systems collapse because there isn't enough energy to keep them running. First, the bridges collapse, and then the systems collapse. This is already happening. All the while, new bridges and systems are being built, but in different "places," into different philosophies, assumptions, and values. In simple terms, things are not going to be the same.

For example, these new systems that are beginning to be built are based on the remembrance of oneness. In systems based on oneness, the individual is valued. Absolute equality and cooperation are assumed entities. Anything that smacks of inequality and domination won't survive. You can't criticize, for example, and function in the new world. You have to allow everything, focus on constructive endeavors, and cooperate with like-minded people. These are now survival skills as the bridgers continue to withdraw their energy from the old system.

As individuals, we can't rely on anyone to save us. We have to hold our own, now. We do this by praising ourselves. When you praise yourself, without comparing yourself to anyone or anything, you're praising for everyone because energy is unified and in communication. Vanity requires you to compare yourself to others. If you don't compare yourself to others, you're acknowledging the goodness of everyone when you acknowledge the goodness of yourself. You can't be too complimentary because the new system needs your energy. The world needs your praise.

This is not a praise earned. It's an unconditional praise. It's based on a logic that understands paradox, that understands the simultaneous nature of existence. Therefore, you can say the most outrageously wonderful things about yourself, and they're true, and they're true for everyone. You water a parched and thirsty world when you say anything nice about yourself because all energy is connected, so you're giving to everyone by expressing that type of energy. In those moments, you become a bridger yourself. Therefore, be outrageously good to yourself. As long as you're not doing it in competition, the world benefits.

None of this is theory anymore. We're in it. You can be in the chaos of the deconstruction, or you can be in the strength of the new construction. You can tell "where" you are by whether you're complaining or praising. In a world without the old bridges, you have to be your own bridge by seeing the good everywhere. You see the good by defining it as good. You know it's good because it's all one. That's your personal bridge to the new construction.

You're reading Hummingbird Daredevils by S.L. Standish.

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