There's No Excuse For Hate, There's No Excuse For Love

I think the way that we design or psychology, as humans, is fascinating. The era we're living in right now is about looking at what we're doing and making sure the choices that we engage actually support us. To do that, you have to understand the basis of socially accepted behavior. This can be interesting as you discover that we do a lot of things that aren't rational.

For example, we think that reasons entitle us to act. But this is irrational because, really, there's no permission, authority, entitlement, or right to do anything. There's just the ability. This universe allows us to make choices. We make those choices because we can. We make those choices because that ability to make choices exists.

However, the mythology is that we make choices because of reasons, as if reasons give us the ability to make choices, as if reasons cause our choices, as if reasons make us do what we do, and this isn't so. Reasons don't act. Humans act. A reason isn't going to make you breakfast in the morning. A reason isn't going to "make you feel" any particular way, either. It can't. Only you can make you feel any particular way. You do this by the topic of your focus, by how you choose to view the world, by your choices.

In illustration, a woman has a bad day. In one instance, her roomate could come home and find her, sitting on the couch, eating her favorite food, watching a comedy, and say, "Well, you seem like you're in a good mood." Her reply might be, "I've had the worst day ever, and I'm taking the night off."

In another instance, her roomate could come home and find her, slamming the kitchen cupboards, cursing and upset. The roomate might ask, "What's wrong?" To which her reply might be a ten minute tirade about the state of the human condition and the fact that she's not having any more of it, and how it's everyone's fault she feels this way.

In both situations, the "reason" is the same--things didn't go well that day. But the choices that she makes are different in each of the scenarios above. That's because the reasons don't cause her choices. She causes her choices. The bad day doesn't cause her decisions. How she chooses to focus causes her decisions. She's choosing her evening. The things that happened earlier in the day aren't causing her evening.

In point of fact, there's no excuse for anything that we ever do or feel. We focus, act, and feel. Circumstances don't focus us, act us, or feel us. Other people don't focus us, act us, or feel us. We're the ones that are doing these things.

If you're angry at someone, you're causing it. If you're happy with someone, you're causing it. There's no excuse for your anger. There's no excuse for your happiness. There's no excuse for anything.

When you look at how we behave, as humans, you notice that it's more rational to be "unreasonable." It's more rational to stop presenting excuses and justifications for the things that you think, do, and feel and, instead, to think, do, and feel things that you want to think, do, and feel because those things benefit you, because they give you ease and comfort.

You're free to embrace any idea that you want without reasons, excuses, or justifications of any sort. This is a fact. The freedom is immense. It's just remembering that it's there.

You're reading Hummingbird Daredevils by S.L. Standish.

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