God's Gift To The World

"Who does he think he is, God's gift to the world?"

You know you're in a seriously negative environment when being God's gift to the world is considered an insult. It's meant to ridicule someone who's defining themselves as better than other people, but why not just say: "Who does he think he is, someone who's better than everyone else?" Why criticize the idea that we're gifts from existence? Why criticize the goodness of our very nature? We do this because the habit of disconnection is so profound that we don't think we're sourced from goodness.

Not believing we're a gift to the world is an idea. It's not fact. It's not truth. It's not reality. It's an option. We can express that idea, if we want. We have that choice.

The idea that we're not purely sourced from goodness is being played out everywhere right now. The events that are unfolding are what we get when we devalue the nature of being. The habit of viewing human existence as suspect is the present system. It's how we've done things throughout history. But we can do things differently. Doing things differently requires new definitions.

It would be novel to define everyone as God's gift to the world. A change like that would be refreshing. So, let me begin. I see you out there, and I know your nature. It's good. You are, most certainly, God's gift to the world, and so am I.

You're reading Hummingbird Daredevils by S.L. Standish.

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