Sometimes Divine, Sometimes Not

I believe it's a good practice to stare into the eyes of evil, put a rhinestone collar on it, and make it your pet. You do this by finding something useful in whatever misery or horror is before you in life.

Earth can be a difficult place. It can be a difficult place because we have the ability to exclude in this dimension. We can say, "That's good and that's good and so is that, but NOT that." We can define people and things as less valuable, as not included in our estimation of value. It's fine if you're doing the excluding, but when you're the subject of the excluding, it doesn't feel so hot, especially if it's something you consider big like an institution or business or government that's excluding you. It can make you feel powerless. But you're not powerless. To know this, you have to get savvy about the mechanics of being here, especially at this time of chaos.

We're able to exclude in this world because we have the ability to define things as divided from infinity. We do this to explore. In truth, it's not possible to divide existence from itself, but we do the great "What if we could?" in this dimension, and then see what happens. As a species, we took that experiment as far as it could go. Now, we're in the process of reconnecting back to our original knowing of unity. To connect to your knowing of unity, you have to be able to see it. A big part of this is understanding what other people are doing when they devalue you and learning from it.

This dimension allows people to lie. They can define themselves as separate from you. They can define themselves as superior, and they can define you as valueless to the point of being disposable. This dimension allows people to create stunted definitions of the self. The self, for those individuals that explore this, is their body and nothing, and no one, else. Individuals here have the ability to make those creative assumptions. Instead of getting mad at it and railing at the unfairness of it, you can use it. You can find the value in this behavior.

A person who's willing to harm others to benefit themselves is saying that their self matters. They're placing a high value on their self. They're saying that their self has significance, power, and importance in the world. This is so much so the case that they're willing to fight and deceive and harm to protect and promote their self. You can learn from that perspective.

What if you took that commitment and passion and intense value of the self that you see in the "evil" ones, and you adopted it and used it for your self? The difference would not be in how you define your value, but in how you define your "self." Instead of defining it as only your body, you define the self as everything and everyone. You define your self as including all of existence. When you do this, you're valuing your self just as vehemently as the assholes who don't value you, but it's a much larger self that you're "defending." It's so big, in fact, that it includes all of the assholes, too.

The benefit in this perspective is that it's not competitive. You're not fighting with another person's devaluation of you. You're simply defining yourself in such a way that it completely neuters the beast. There is no "other" to fight. You're vehemently in favor of your self, which means you're vehemently in favor of everyone, without being opposed to anyone.

You can't really go around labeling some things divine and some things not without being incredibly inconsistent. The universe isn't a bunch of separate stuff. Everything is immersed in a coordinating force. That force that glues the world together isn't a quantity that's more in some places and less in others. It's all everywhere the same. It's infinite.

Infinity is not an amount. Infinity is the ability to allow actions. Infinity allows those actions that you and I see as the physical world. You can't divide that power. It's not an object or thing that can be split up or weighed. That means that everything is divine simply because it's composed of an undividable force. When you allow yourself to see this, there's no monster that can't become your pet because that monster is just an aspect of you that hasn't figured out that it's more than its little body. It doesn't know yet that it can't be abandoned or destroyed. So, you can forgive it for fighting itself, for fighting you, to survive.

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