"I Don't Want To Have The Same Value As Everyone And Everything"

People struggle with the idea that everyone, and everything, has the same value because things look different. How can everything have equal value while being different?

You may say to me, "If you stacked me and all of my resources in a pile, and placed it next to another person and all of their resources, those piles wouldn't match. They wouldn't be the same. They'd have different values."

I would answer that perhaps they'd have different values to you, but they'd have the exact same value, empirically.

You might argue with me, emphatically, that this is your point--that both piles of stuff are different and, therefore, hold different values. And I'd argue, again, that they hold different values to you. They hold the exact same value, empirically.

You'd go look up the word "empirically," and return to me, believing that you were right, arguing your point with renewed vigor, and you would be wrong.

Both piles hold the same value because everything is one. Energy can't be split or separated. It can only move. Both piles are elements of each other.

An analogy to illustrate this underlying unity is a ball of clay. Everything that exists anywhere is this one hunk of clay. If I could hold that clay in my hand and look at it, I would see you and all of your resources. If I turned the ball slightly, and looked at the clay from a different perspective, I would see the other person and all of their resources. But no matter which angle I took, it would be that same ball of clay.

There's no separation between you and the other guy. You're each the entire ball of the clay at different angles. Your real resources are the clay itself, without which you and your pal and all of your stuff wouldn't exist.

Really, people don't have a problem with having the same value as everyone and everything. Instead, they have a problem with the "clay" itself. They don't know how to reconcile a reality that allows individuals to make choices that they don't like or wouldn't make. They don't know how to feel safe in such a world. "How can I be free and thrive in a world that allows people to do things that I don't like?" they ask. The answer comes down to your definitions. It comes down to how you choose to define things, and you're in complete control over that because free will is real.

Very few people are defining reality consciously, yet. The unexplored potentials are massive. In other words, it's possible to be safe and thrive in a world in which other people are making choices that you don't like and wouldn't make. It takes some adjustments, however, in the way that we define things.

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