Future Memories And Multidimensional Thinking

Some of you may be wondering how I, or anyone, can have future memories when the events that you're remembering haven't taken place. Doesn't that nullify free will? No, it doesn't nullify free will, but it does mean that you have to change your basic assumptions about the nature of reality. You have to remember how to think multidimensionally.

When I had my out-of-body experience, one of the first things I discovered was that time doesn't exist the way we think that it exists. Time isn't a sequence of events. It's a dimension that allows for action to take place in a more, or less, solid manner. Those actions, those events, aren't solid or singular until they're filtered through that dimension of time. Without the dimension of time, events are multiple and without solidity. They're limitless.

For an event to move from potential to actual experience, it has to meet a threshold of intensity. That is, there has to be enough energy within it to combine with the dimension of time. The easiest way for it to meet that threshold of time is for that idea, that potential, to be uncontradicted. When an idea is uncontradicted, it contains an enormous amount of energy. To humans, large amounts of energy are felt as "no big deal." We feel them as "nothing."

For example, you can wear anything in your closet, but you're undecided. While you're undecided, all the possibilities are in potential. They exist, but they haven't moved through the dimension of time. The moment you decide that you're going to wear a particular outfit, there's enough energy present for that probability to manifest. Your body, moving to the closet, picking out the clothes, and dressing all happens because there was enough energy present (i.e. no contradiction) to manifest that probability. You don't question your ability to pick out clothes to wear, so those activities carry an enormous amount of energy, making them very easy to achieve.

This is happening on what we think is the mundane scale (nothing is really mundane) and on the grand scale (collectively). As a world, we have goals that are not unlike getting dressed in the morning. We want to build and achieve certain things. The ways in which we manifest those things are countless and unpredictable, but the overall aims exist. They exist in limitless forms, but the theme is there, all the same.

It's like when a group of people decide that they want to go camping together. The places and ways that they can go camping are endless. So, there's free will involved in how that's going to happen. Every individual is going to want to buy different gear and have different priorities. Some people will obsess on getting the right hiking boots. Others will make a big deal about sleeping bags. Still others will think that the food is the most important aspect. All the while, they won't be planning to go to a hotel or go to an amusement park because the camping theme is clear to all.

This is what's happening in our world right now. We have a theme. That theme is the restoration of the importance of the individual. That fact alone makes certain probabilities more probable. Those probabilities exist right now, and you can read them. They're not inert. They're active and alive. You could filter any of them through the dimension of time and experience them right now as fully fleshed out, three-dimensional experiences. The reason that we don't experience many of those probabilities yet is that they're not uncontradicted. We don't take our ability to experience these probabilities for granted like we do our ability to wear the blue shirt or the red shirt, hanging in our closets. We label some of these probabilities "impossible" or "difficult." They're neither. We haven't accepted them as real possibilities, yet. That's all.

As individuals become familiar with their ability to express and experience what they want, these "difficult" probabilities begin to manifest, physically, because they become uncontradicted. In simple terms, every time you wish that you had greater freedom, and you imagine what that freedom means to you, you give energy to those probabilities, making them more likely to manifest at some point. You give them energy to help them meet that threshold that allows them to move through the dimension of time. The key to remember here, however, is that the events already exist now in multiple, endless forms. Some of these events have huge amounts of energy in them, making them very, very likely to manifest at some other "time," once we've soothed our contradictions to those ideas, either individually or collectively.

Reality isn't linear. Physicists already know this. The trick is for us normal folk to begin to accept the idea because understanding this adds greatly to our ability to exercise our inherent power. That's the point of this time frame. It's to expand your acknowledgment of your significance and worth. It's to reconnect, philosophically, with the structure of reality itself. We do this in stages.

The greatest good that you can do for yourself, and for the world, is to let go of the idea of impossibilities. Just let it go. The easiest way to let it go is to play with ideas. This is like exercising your ability to expand your understanding of life. Imagine events out of order. Or imagine that there are twenty of you that have taken twenty different paths and that you can use the skills that the other yous have developed, and they can use the skills that you've developed like an innerconnected feedback system. These are a couple of ways that you can ease yourself into multidimensional thinking. The more that you use your imagination, the more you give yourself some mental flexibility to help deal with the changes that are here and to come.

You're reading http://hummingbirddaredevils.blogspot.com/ by Samantha Standish. If you want to learn more about what happened in my out-of-body experience, my book, "Equal," is available for a nominal amount at Lulu.com,

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