Everything Is Perfect

The universe is coherent. Coherence means that everything is always in a state of perfection at all times. Everything is always exactly, precisely, and immaculately what it is and nothing else. It's flawlessly what it is.

The only way to change something that is exactly, precisely, and immaculately what you don't like is to change your focus from the flawless disliked idea to a flawless liked idea. You have to change the definition to get a different experience. If you don't change the definition, you get repeated versions of the same idea.

The good news is that only you can change your definitions. Other people can't change your definitions for you, and you can't change other people's definitions for them. Free will ensures that you drive your own perspective and, ultimately, your own experience of reality.

Therefore, the question becomes, "What do you want to see?" If you want a magical world, you have to define the world as magical. If you want every particle in the universe to be on your side, you have to define every particle in the universe as on your side.

The old, tired, ineffective way of doing things is to look out into the world and ask, "What's true?" when you really want to be asking, "What do I want to make true?" Whether you look out into the world and believe that that's the way things are, or you believe that things can change, either way you're adopting, and expressing, a definition, and you'll experience that definition, perfectly.

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