The Calm Picnic

At the center of a hurricane there's calm. I think that's a good analogy for focus. When you assert your power to focus on what you enjoy, you're picnicking at the center of the hurricane. The world may rage around you, but you experience life in a different way. What's more, the longer you're there, focused on what you appreciate, the bigger and stronger that center of calm becomes. It gains force and will eventually overtake the storm itself until there is no storm.

How this works in daily life is every time you feel good, for that moment, you're picnicking in the calm and contributing to it's strength. Everyone on the planet it doing this. Energy (that blip that you radiate out as you feel good) doesn't disappear. It exists for eternity because energy can't be destroyed. It has magnetic and electric properties. It organizes around energies of a similar configuration. You could say these patterned blips live and transform in alignment with their nature. So, every time anyone anywhere feels good, it goes into that pot of positive focus, and that collective creation of calm grows in force.

You might think that this is insignificant in comparison to the collective negativity that's expressed in a day. You would be wrong. Here's why. People are, by and large, more positive in a day than negative. Furthermore, the great cultural myth is that positive energy and negative energy are equals and that they do battle. This is categorically incorrect. They're not equal, and they don't do battle. The same quantity of negative and positive energy could be viewed like a matchbox and a flashlight. 

Imagine for a moment that negativity was a matchbox full of dark. The equal measure of positivity would be a heavy duty flashlight. In terms of energy, the flashlight has so much more power than that little box of dark that all it has to do is flash at the box, and the dark is filled with light. There's no contest and no fight. The light "wins" every time because that's its nature. It lights things up. Dark and light don't do battle. They're just different frequencies of the same underlying source, but the light is many, many times more energetic, or powerful, than the dark.

The reason that we don't know this, as a species, is that we've been taught to protect our light. So, instead of turning on the flashlight, we're guarding it "someplace safe" so that the little matchbox of dark doesn't get to the light and destroy it. We're taught countless stories of the vulnerability of the light to the dark so that we don't use our light. You see, you can't dominate a person that uses their light. You can only dominate a person that doesn't use their light. Therefore, if you convince a person that it's unsafe to use their light, you own them. For thousands of years, individuals and groups have made it their career to dominate masses through creative storytelling. However, the individual that uses their light is set free.

That matchbook of dark can't do anything to the light. It's holding back the light that does the damage. What's the light in this analogy? It's a frequency of positive focus. It's what we interpret through the physical body as feeling good. It's confidence, knowing, enthusiasm, enjoyment, happiness, satisfaction, interest, contentment, optimism, trust, faith, and so on. Every time you allow yourself to feel these kinds of feelings, you're contributing to that mass of calm at the center of the storm, and it gets bigger. As it does, it eats away at the storm. There will come a time when the center will hit critical mass, and it will dominate the storm itself, and the storm will lose steam and be no more. You contribute to that process every time you feel good.

You're reading by Samantha Standish. If you want to learn more about what happened in my out-of-body experience, my book, "Equal," is available for a nominal amount at,

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