Your Acceptability Doesn't Change

The big con is that your behavior can change your acceptability. Your value doesn't change because you're a unity. You're not actually a separate being. That means that your equality doesn't change. It means your belonging doesn't change. It means your acceptability doesn't change. People try to make these things conditional. They try to convince you that these things go down if you express behavior that they don't like. Your being doesn't change. Your experiences change. You remain unified, no matter how out of sorts your experiences become, and other people can't change that.

If someone's mad at you, you remain acceptable. If someone hates you, you remain acceptable. If someone's against you, you remain acceptable. If someone's repelled by you, you remain acceptable. If someone blames you, you remain acceptable. Other people can't touch your acceptability. Your acceptability has nothing to do with your experiences or the conditions of your life. Your acceptability doesn't change because it can't change. Therefore, when you're up against people who want you to be different than you are, you can say to yourself:

"Your feelings can't change my acceptability."

"Your values can't change my acceptability."

"Your intentions can't change my acceptability."

"Your actions can't change my acceptability."

Other people cause their reactions to you by the ideas that they choose to believe about themselves and the world. They're responsible for that. They'll try to get you to change to accommodate their choices, but they're responsible for their choices. Labeling your behavior unacceptable is an attempt to get you to do things that they find convenient so that they don't have to do the work of facing their own choices. They're trying to leverage your behavior to make their life easier. They do this through accusations of inappropriateness, but they have no control over your appropriateness. The best that they can do is convince you that they do. You're under no obligation to believe them, however, especially since it's a lie. No one can change your acceptability, not even you.

You're reading by Samantha Standish. If you want to learn more about what happened in my out-of-body experience, my book, "Equal," is available for a nominal amount at,

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