You Say Yes

We're taught that the goal of life is to get everyone to stand in a line and say yes to us, and that if people aren't standing in a line saying yes to us that we're failing. This is your quintessential, dictionary definition of control. As goals go, it's a poor one because you don't control anything other than your own intent. Every single particle of energy in the universe, whether it's a photon or an elephant or a human, is running their own show, and you control none of what they do. Making their actions your goal is a set-up for frustration and futility because you can't control their values or their intent.

Knowing this, working with this instead of working against it, the goal is to let everyone stand where they are, saying yes, no, maybe, or whatever they happen to be inclined to say in that moment, and instead of looking to them to say yes to you, you say yes to you. That would be the definition of success. It would be your ability to stand in the chaos and opposition and say yes to yourself without any expectations on anyone anywhere. This is a very fine goal, indeed. Seeing as how it supports me, I think I'll say yes to it.

You're reading by Samantha Standish. If you want to learn more about what happened in my out-of-body experience, my book, "Equal," is available for a nominal amount at,

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