The New Power Formula

The new formula for power is:

"I'm not obedient. I'm not disobedient. I decide."

In polarity (the system that you were born into), the power structure was one of sides. You're for one group of thought which would put you in opposition to another group of thought. That's where the old saying, "You're either for us or against us" comes from.

The new system is non-oppositional. It's foreign to this reality, but familiar to you as a being outside of this reality. In this reality, most people are seeking reassurance from other people for their perspective because that was an integral part of the old system. They do this because they want the reassurance that they're doing the "right" thing, and the agreement of others is deemed a form of security that your position is "right."

In the new system, you stop seeking the agreement of others. Your position isn't a stance for or against anyone. It's an independent choice. It's not attached to other people or groups. Groups may be involved, but they're involved with a different set of energy dynamics. Those dynamics are such that they draw people together or push them apart without opposition, without offense or defense.

How this works in practice is you support a political candidate without being against the other candidates and without investment in how the election turns out. You're for without being against. Or say that you want to do something, and everyone you know is working against you. You decide in favor of what you want without opposing the group that's opposing you. To do this, you can't have a stake in how it turns out. You have to let the consequences go. You decide to support your desire and take what actions seem reasonable to move you in the direction of your desire, without trying to control the outcome.

In case you think that I think that any of this is easy, I don't. I struggle just like everyone. I understand where we're going, but getting there is a whole different matter. You won't see masses of people implementing these ideas for decades and decades to come. So, if you look out to the world for support, it can be tricky. Those of you who read this blog are like me. We're trying to make the transition easier. We're working to develop our own personal support system based on an understanding of what's going on. I wish all of us luck because we're going to continue to need it.

You're reading by Samantha Standish. If you want to learn more about what happened in my out-of-body experience, my book, "Equal," is available for a nominal amount at,

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