Success Is The Who

We think that success is decided by our actions. Outside of this reality, however, that's not how we define the success of a physical life. Outside of this reality, the success of a physical life has nothing to do with your physical actions. It has to do with the the fact that you've experienced physical actions.

From that larger perspective, you can't fail. You can't fail because success is defined as you experiencing physical actions. Success isn't the physical actions. It's that you're doing those actions. Therefore, your success doesn't depend on what you do. What you do determines the quality of your experience. Success is something else.

Imagine for a moment that there was only one body and that a lifetime was that one body taking preordained actions. The actions couldn't change. They're like a movie that's already made. Now, imagine that individuality was a color, and that there were infinite colors. If you, as an individual powder blue color, wanted to have a physical life, you would permeate that body and experience every single action that you took as that body in the lifetime from your perspective as powder blue. Red would do the same thing and purple and brown and gold and so forth.

The meaning of that life, then, wouldn't be in any of the physical actions because the actions were already set. It would be in the individual colors, having the experience of those physical actions. The actions wouldn't be the success of that life. The being having those actions would be the success of that life because the being is the purpose of that life and not the actions. An individual wouldn't be trying to accomplish anything with the physical actions, in other words. They would be intent on discovering what it was like to experience physical actions over a lifetime.

While we have free will, so our actions aren't preordained, it works about the same. Outside of this reality, the success of a life isn't the what that an individual does. It's the who that's doing the what. You're the important part of the equation. You're the meaning. You're the success not because of what you do but because you're doing it. What you do is secondary.

All beings succeed in their lives because they experience a physical life and for no other reason. What we do here is fun and what we do is interesting and what we do is challenging, but it's the fact of the who that's doing the what that guarantees success and not the activities themselves.

Your actions don't determine your success. Your existence does. Therefore, you can't fail.

You're reading by Samantha Standish. If you want to learn more about what happened in my out-of-body experience, my book, "Equal," is available for a nominal amount at,

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