Negativity Is Blasphemous

If you think about it, negativity is blasphemous. We have this incredible world filled with interesting people and fascinating things to do, and we piss on it and call it lacking.

We all engage in a little blasphemy now and again but, as a rule, it makes no sense to spend your life negating things. It's like trying to kick an object into becoming what you want it to be. That's not an effective tack to take because kicking objects doesn't transform them into other objects. The truth is, kicking doesn't work with things, it doesn't work with people, and it doesn't work with circumstances. Have you ever wanted to please someone who was screaming at you? I rest my case. You aren't motivated by kicking, and neither is anything else in creation.

It's a carrot, not a stick, world. We all respond to encouragement and support because the nature of reality runs more efficiently when there's a greater intensity of focus present. What we call "positive" things have more intensity, or energy, than those things that we call "negative." So, when others direct positivity our way, we feel bolstered because they're feeding us with more energy. That's why we like it. We sponge it up because it's a fast moving frequency, and fast moving frequencies feel good to us.

Therefore, because the slow moving energy of negativity doesn't serve you, why should you internalize any form of negativity? Negativity isn't to your benefit. It's someone trying to kick you into becoming something that they'd like to see. But why should you take the hit? You don't have to absorb it, you know. You don't have to defend against it. It's your decision. You're the "ruler" of your self. You can decide that one of your rules is that you don't personalize negativity. You don't let another person's negative expression penetrate your feelings. You can label it blasphemous, let it fall to your feet, and get on with your day without skipping a beat. In fact, I would say that this is the idea.

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