Your Goodness Doesn't Change

Other people can't change your goodness. You can't change your goodness, either. Nor can other people change your access to your goodness. Only you can change your access to your goodness.

You change your access to your goodness by filtering it through ideas that place it in time and space so that it's closer to you or further from you. Another way to say this is that you focus away from it. For example, you feel bad because you really messed up that report. That places goodness away from you because you're focused away from that goodness. You "feel bad" about what you've done, so you're focused on badness. Your goodness, however, is still there.

Your goodness is within you, no matter what. It doesn't go anywhere. It doesn't change or morph or modify because you messed up that report or for any other reason. It's the same at all times, but you're not always accessing it in the same manner. You could choose to feel okay about messing up that report and endeavor to make the corrections, and that event could have no effect on the way that you think, and feel, about yourself. That's one way to keep the reality of your goodness present to you. There are, of course, many other ways to do it.

A stable world requires individuals to feel stable. If your goodness can be given to you and taken away from you, then you're not going to feel stable. You have to know where your goodness is, and its inviolability, to be a secure person in this world, and we want a world full of secure people. So, remember to remember that your goodness doesn't change as your experiences change. Your goodness is always there, untouchable by the physical world, and accessible to you at any time.

You're reading by Samantha Standish. If you want to learn more about what happened in my out-of-body experience, my book, "Equal," is available for a nominal amount at,

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