Obedience Isn't Goodness

Obedience isn't goodness. Good people aren't obedient people. They aren't disobedient people, either. Goodness is the state of your essential self. It doesn't modify or change, according to your choices and experiences. Goodness is what you call your aliveness. It's the life force. You can't change the life force. It is what it is, and it's good. So, your goodness isn't about what you do.

What are people really talking about when they're talking about goodness? They're talking about virtue. We're taught that it's a virtue to please other people, but virtue doesn't have anything to do with pleasing other people. Pleasing other people just means that others find you useful. That has nothing to do with virtue. The fact that you're an asset or convenience to another person means that you're an asset or convenience to another person. It doesn't make you virtuous.

Virtue is moral behavior. Morality is appreciation. So, virtue is the act of appreciating. You could appreciate someone while being of no use to them, and they could hate you for being an inconvenience to them, but you'd remain virtuous despite their fit.

Obedience isn't virtue. Disobedience isn't virtue. Virtue is appreciating. It's finding value in life itself.

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