Might Makes Might

People believe that force is power. This is a very silly idea. Force is force, and power is power.

Power is the ability to experience your desires. Force doesn't increase your ability to experience your desires. In fact, force is employed when you've been having a difficult time finding a way to experience what you want. In that sense, it's almost an anti-power or a reaction or a last ditch effort.

We have many adolescent, movie-driven, notions about power. We say that "might makes right." That saying implies that might is effective. The one holding the weapon isn't the most powerful party. The one holding the weapon hasn't figured out another way to get what they want. Might is an option. Might isn't the only option, however. It's not the most effective option, either. The most effective option is to acknowledge your ability to experience your desires. It's to deal directly with your perception.

The most effective option is to promote the individual's sense of competence. It's to create a world full of people that understand their inherent value. It's to encourage the relentless pursuit of solutions. It's to establish the default assumption that everything is possible. It's to foster trust in life, the world, and humans, in general.

To do this, you must know what's power, and what's fear. You must create the perception that you live in a responsive universe, and that you, and what you want, count. What's more, you must do this while leaving specific individuals, and their actions, out of the equation.

Ultimately, power is the amount of trust that you develop in your personal worth. This is a worth that's unconditioned by people, places, or things. This worth can be defined as the trust that you have limitless value, and limitless abilities, simply because you exist and for no other reason.

This is a perception-based universe, and perception is power. How you perceive yourself, disregarding the intentions, opinions, feelings, and judgments of all other individuals, is the most powerful weapon of all

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