Walking Through Walls

You either believe in limitlessness, or you believe in limitation. It's one or the other. As an anchor point to your personal philosophy of existence, limitlessness gives you more options. What's more, history shows that it's the more logical outlook. Impossibilities are made possible repeatedly.

It can be confusing, however, to want to believe in limitlessness when you see and experience so much limitation. A simple solution is to tweak your perceptual framework. It's to understand the difference between believing something conceptually and embodying that belief.

Let's take the example of walking through walls. I remember reading stories about how scientists were confounded after tornadoes when they'd sometimes find very fragile objects like paper stuck in perfect condition in solid objects like trees. Their theory was that the tornado would increase the vibratory rate of the tree until it became soft. An object would find its way, in that very moment, to the center of the object, and then the tornado would move on, and the solid object would return to its normal, thick rate of motion, trapping the paper in the solid object.

Theoretically, you could do the same thing with walls and people. The atoms could be excited to a state at which both the wall and the human were the same consistency, and you could walk through the wall. Because I believe in limitlessness, I believe walking through walls is possible, so I allow myself to think about things like this. However, if I try to walk through a wall myself, someone had better have a first aid kit handy. There's a one hundred percent chance that I'm walking into pure solidity. That's because I hold the belief that a person can walk through a wall conceptually, but I don't embody that belief.

We throw around the word "belief" like it has one meaning, but it has multiple meanings. At a minimum, we can divide the idea into two ideas--a conceptual belief and an embodied belief. A conceptual belief is any idea that you believe is possible. An embodied belief is a belief that's physically manifest. The physical environment is an embodied belief. It's a resonance pattern that you embody that projects the experience of a physical environment. Embodied beliefs are what you perceive to be real or actual or true. They have characteristics that are perceivable to physical senses. They have qualities of feeling and color and shape and sound and smell.

It's very easy to embody any belief that's already embodied by others when you get here. Those around you hold the resonance of those beliefs strongly, you acclimate quickly, and then you perceive what they perceive and call it reality. There is, however, more reality to be sensed. All conceptual beliefs have the ability to become embodied beliefs. Not all will. Not all are relevant or even interesting, but all have that potential. You could, in other words, walk through walls if you could take that conceptual idea and embody it. Anyone who has ever made an impossible thing possible has gone through this process.

Your inevitable question is, "How do I move a conceptual idea into an embodied idea?" And my answer is that this is the new frontier. Theoretically, you could do it in an instant by deciding to do so. In practice, I've noticed that I'm more successful at moving a belief from an idea to an embodied idea by pondering it, getting comfortable with what it is and how it works, repetitive interaction with it, the decision to express it, and loyalty to that idea until it takes.

For example, say you want to embody the idea that you're confident. Confidence is based on trust of what, and who, you are. It's based on self respect and self esteem. So, you ponder your worthiness. You get comfortable with the idea of worthiness, in general. You notice how it works for other people. You keep the idea alive by making it important. Then, one day, you decide that you're ready to make a change. You decide that you hold equal worth to everyone. Thereafter, you promote, nurture, and are loyal to that idea. You're now embodying the idea, and you'll see physical examples of your confidence everywhere.

Just because you can't walk through walls, it doesn't follow that you're limited. It follows that you're embodying the idea that you can't walk through walls. That's an easy idea to hold because it's held by billions of people, so the resonance is strong and clear and influential. Nevertheless, you're a free being. You're able to embody ideas that are different from the collective. You're able to traverse new frontiers. Anyone who's reading this blog is already doing it.

You get to choose whether you believe in limitlessness or limitation. That affects your experience, only. The universe remains limitless, no matter how you or I choose to experience it.

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