The Big Four: Power, Freedom, Value, And Belonging

Experience is on a spectrum in a physical life. That is, you experience more and less of whatever you're focused on--more love or less love, more misery or less misery. However, there are some attributes that are yours upon birth that aren't on a spectrum. You experience them on a spectrum because of cultural patterning, but they're not actually on a spectrum. They're fixed attributes. I call them the big four: power, freedom, value, and belonging. They do not vary.

Power, freedom, value, and belonging do not fluctuate. They're like a light switch that's always on. Your experience of them can be on one of those dimmer knobs that you can move around to more or less, but the qualities themselves are set. You are power. You are free. You have value. You belong. The "amount" does not change. There is no variation from one person to the next or even from one thing to the next. It's not possible for it to vary. Everyone and everything has the exact same "amount" of these qualities. These qualities are not things, so you can't measure them. You have to think beyond the way you've been trained to think here.

"Amount" itself is a physical idea. We think of the environment in terms of things, but there aren't actually any things in this dimension. There's only motion. Everything is action. Everything is activity. To physical eyes, this looks like a planet and sky and bodies, but another name for all of this is motion. Everything that we know as this world, and everything in it, is a motion.

Imagine for a moment that individuality is sourced within a unified energetic. That's not really a stretch, is it? If everything wasn't unified, it would all fly apart and not exist. But everything does exist. So, it must somehow all be cooperating. It must be working together. It must have coherence. It's must be unified in some way.

Now, everything isn't standing still. So, something is moving everything, right? That something is one force, one energy, one propellant. That one energetic itself isn't more or less. It creates experiences of more or less, but it itself isn't more or less because it doesn't compete with itself. It's just one energy making things happen. That is, different things exist, but there's one source fueling the diversity. This is why you have unified laws of nature. Out of the one energy, comes diverse patterns in relatively predictable rhythms because it's sourced from a singular energy.

That one propellant is a limitless energetic. It's just like your computer's zeros and ones. Those zeros and ones are building blocks that allow you to create digital outputs. You can form limitless patterns out of those zeros and ones. They're unlimited. The one energetic is the same. It can form anything that you can imagine, and infinite other things as yet unimagined, from that one energy. The energy does this through patterned motion, otherwise known as resonance (also termed frequency or light).

This one dynamic force creates motion that becomes the patterns that we interpret as the environment, objects, beings, and events. A good analogy for how this works is those giant windmill turbines that you see along the side of the freeway in California. If the air isn't in motion, the blades don't move. The environment, and everything in it, can be viewed as those blades. They don't exist, the don't turn, if there's no energy moving all of it. There is one energy that's moving everything that we call physical life.

That one energy creates the experience of more and less, but because it's one energy creating more and less, there isn't actually more or less. There is only the experience of more or less. The energetic can create both. So, more and less are an illusion of sorts.

The energetic itself is not on a spectrum and not limited as such. It's kind of like the zeros and ones. They hold the potential to form limitless patterns, but they themselves aren't limited by the patterns that they create. In other words, just because you create a crappy web page with one word on it, doesn't mean you can't create a state-of-the-art, media interactive website that can do just about anything. What you do with those zeros and ones is dependent on you. You see where I'm going with this. But before you're zipping along, doing out-of-the-box stuff, you have to know that those things are possible. You have to step outside the idea of the spectrum thinking.

To step outside of limited thinking, we have to know that we aren't separate from the source that's propelling us. How could we be separate? We wouldn't exist, and we couldn't move, unless something was forming the patterns and moving those patterns in sequences. We learn to know this lack of separation better by thinking about it and then looking for evidence in the world outside of us to corroborate our theories. That's how everything is done, right? We take a page out of the book of science. Create a theory, and then test the theory. The theory is: We are not separate from the source that's moving everything. Henceforth, you begin to look for evidence of this in your everyday experience.

Now, the reason I think it's so important to think about your lack of separation from the energetic that's creating the dimension is so that you can buy into the idea that the big four--power, freedom, value, and belonging--are not on a spectrum. In order to take yourself off the yo yo of relativity, you have to know that you and your source are one and the same. It's a tall order. Even though I've had a tiny glimpse of the this with the out-of-body event, I struggle to know it in everyday waking life just like everyone else. But expansion requires thinking beyond what we've thought before. New ideas create new experiences.

The disempowering myth is that you're born into some form of limited power, limited freedom, limited value, and limited belonging, depending on the circumstances surrounding your birth. That is, depending on who your family is, their status, financial state, level of education, neighborhood, politics, religion, country of origin, and so on, you inherit a version of power, freedom, value, and belonging that is yours. This is supposed to be your starting point in life. However, this is a story. You will experience the fullness of that story if you believe it, and most of us believe it because we're told that this is the nature of life here. But this way of viewing things is only one of many ways of viewing things. It's not indicative of the larger reality. In the larger reality, power, freedom, value, and belonging do not vary.

In the smaller reality, the one we're living here, the myths, surrounding limitation are strong. Therefore, the experience of limitation is fairly consistent and very, very real. All I'm trying to do here is set some groundwork for moving away from these myths. We have to think differently to express less limitation. It's a process. The process begins by contemplating the validity of different perspectives. The one I'm proposing here is to take these four qualities--power, freedom, value, and belonging--out of the realm of measurement. Instead, we view them as inherent attributes. They apply equally to all beings, without variation of any kind.

This is a concept. We experience concepts as realities to the degree that we believe them to be reasonable. So, here's a theorem to make this concept more reasonable:

Life has a source.
That source is the forms it's taking.
You are one of those forms.
Because that source is you, you are that source that is all things.
Therefore, all qualities that the source holds, you hold in equal measure.

The energetic running planets and people and all the elements of this environment contains every quality possible. It is power. It is free. It is valuable. It belongs. And so do you. It runs you. It's the life force that's allowing you to breathe and read and think and do. You're one with that energetic. You are power. You are free. You are valuable. You belong.

There's no such thing as separation. Separation is the paradigm from which we've run the physical game up until now. Moving back into the perception of unity is a new deal, and it's a big deal. Unsurprisingly, it requires some new thoughts. It requires acclimating to different perspectives. The only prerequisite to those expanded perspectives is an open mind, and you already have that, or you would not have read this far.

You're told incessantly that you're separate from power, freedom, value, and belonging. You're told that you have to work for these things. You have to get them. You have to earn them. You have to prove them. You have to accumulate them. You have to build them. That's one perspective, and it creates a particular type of experience. An alternate perspective is that you embody these qualities already. Your job it to recognize them. As you do, the reality of them becomes more apparent.

In the larger scheme of things, this unity with our source is the truth. In the smaller scheme of things, we all have to practice seeing the grandness that's already ours. Step one, we start with the concept. Step two, we look for evidence of the concept. And step three, the concept seems reasonable and becomes our experience.

You're reading by Samantha Standish. If you want to learn more about what happened in my out-of-body experience, my book, "Equal," is available for a nominal amount at,

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