Are You Entitled To Kindness?

I'm asking a very specific question here. It's not are you entitled to kindness from someone? It's not should we legislate the crap out of kindness and force people to be nicer to one another? It's are you entitled to kindness as a premise? Does kindness belong to you? Is it your right?

Very "nice" people do not want to give kindness to you as a right. They say, "If you behave, if you say what I want to hear, if you do what I want you to do, if you don't intimidate me, if you're weak, if you look helpless, if you seem less fortunate than me, if you don't express power, if you in no way appear threatening to me, if you earn and prove and show me you're worth it . . . then I'll be kind to you." Way to go. You may get some kindness once a decade at that rate.

Very "nice" people are not very nice when it comes to kindness. They want to set up a whole bunch of prerequisites and make you work for kindness. They want to say that you don't deserve it inherently. They don't want to believe that you have value unless you have value to them. And then, if they see you being kind to someone they believe doesn't "deserve" it, they want you to fall in line and deny that kindness to others as well. This only allows kindness to be expressed in very limited situations. How does this serve anyone?

I believe everyone is entitled to kindness. It's your birthright. It's your inheritance as a universal being. You deserve kindness because you exist and for no other reason. I'm not saying that you have a right to ask for kindness from anyone in particular. You don't get to dictate the behavior of other people. However, as a premise, as a concept, as a state of mind, kindness is yours.

Kindness is your possession, and no one has any right to mess with it. I'm not saying that they won't try. I'm saying it's not their right. You don't have to fight with anyone over this issue. It's an inner ownership thing, we're talking about here. It's what you, and you alone, believe you're entitled to, not what you go out and demand from others. It's a knowing you carry with you in your heart: "I deserve kindness."

You deserve kindness under all conditions. You deserve kindness no matter how you behave. You deserve kindness regardless of the circumstances. You deserve kindness with no strings attached. Kindness is your right. You're entitled to it. Others don't give kindness to you. You acknowledge your ownership of kindness as a condition of reality. It's yours.

I don't think it's such a radical notion that the world could use more kindness. Therefore, the less prerequisites, the better. No prerequisites would be ideal. Knowing you're entitled to kindness, whether others are offering it or not, would be Utopia.

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