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I wanted to send a note to everyone who has subscribed to this blog. I'm launching a whole new platform. You can now find me at:

You can also find me on Twitter at @daisyshift.

I'm on Google plus: Samantha Standish.

Or you can go straight to my Amazon Author page: Samantha Standish.

In other words, I'm now out and about the world wide web. I'll be shutting this blog down soon, but I'll gather the blogs into a book at some point, so the material will be available. I'll make it available.

That's my latest.
Lots of love to all of you!

Dream Mail

Over the next decade, your inner world is going to get really big, and the "far away-ness" of people and things is going to get really close. You're going to know that you can access people and things right here with your consciousness. I practice with this now because I like to be up on advances in technology, and there's no technology more advanced, more sophisticated, than your consciousness. It's natural, organic, biological technology, and I'm getting to know how the technology works.

There are lots of ways to get to know your conscious, biological technical device. One way is to study your dreams--how you construct them, what they feel like, and the information that's coming and going within them. I was doing that today. I was thinking about a dream I had last night where I was at the front of the line at the post office. In the dream, I turned to the woman in the line next to me, and I said, "Here I am at the front of the line again. It seems …

I Don't Know The Future

Normally, by this time of year, I have a feel for what's brewing for the year to come. Usually, I'll share my impressions with family, friends, and neighbors and offer some insights on this blog about how to deal with the issues that are likely to pop up. Last year, around September, I mentioned the rise in the feminine energy, for example. This year, however, for the first time in my life, I have no clue about what's on the horizon.

I've been half puzzled, and half fascinated, by this. On the one hand, my ability to "feel into things"  has been like a machine. It's reliable, and it's always on. It feeds me information continuously. On the other hand, getting no information is a type of information. In a way, getting no information portends a massive change in play. It marks some kind of structural difference in the way that we perceive reality because, clearly, I'm perceiving something different.

So, in the face of that, I've been looking to …

If You Vacation In Hell, You're Gonna Get Burned

People expect this world to be heaven. They expect people to be nice and institutions to be fair and for people to understand them and to care. Then when people are mean, and institutions are unfair, and people don't like them, and people accuse them of being worthless, they get angry. But if you vacation in hell, you're gonna get burned. In case you didn't get the memo, this is not heaven.

Hell is the idea that your value is changeable. It's the idea that your identity can somehow detach from reality itself and be reduced or increased, according to your actions and other people's opinions. This is hell. This is the paradigm you were born into.

The challenge, and why you're here at this particular juncture of time, is to bring some heaven to hell. Heaven is the idea that your value can't change. It's the idea that your identity is one with reality itself and that it's not an amount that can go up or down, according to your actions or other people'…

Your Life Has A Theme

Part of the waking up process is to realize that your life has a theme. Many people know that they have interests, but they don't know that they have a theme. Life themes are not cookie cutter, or culturally-sanctioned, ideas. They don't fit into little boxes. In fact, culture, and culture's propensity for categorization, has nothing to do with your theme. Since life themes are not yet understood by the culture at large, life themes take a bit of digging to understand and recognize.

You have many reasons for being here, but your theme is different. Your theme is the angle and propellant for why you're here. It's the central hub of your exploration. When you're done exploring your theme, or you're too blocked by seeming obstacles to explore your theme, you'll leave this reality. That makes your life theme central to your life. Often family, or cultural, norms will stand in complete opposition to your theme. This can make your existence everything from me…

Flip And Burn

A "flip and burn" is an impossibly dangerous, seemingly apocalyptic space maneuver wherein you slow down the momentum of a spaceship and accelerate it into an entirely different trajectory. We're in a type of cultural flip and burn right now.

Getting through a flip and burn is all about knowing that the destination of the new trajectory is worth the discomfort. In case you don't understand where we're going, I have an eye on the destination for you, and I'm telling you that it's worth the discomfort. I can't emphasize enough, however, how different the trajectory is. We're not moving into a different version of the old way. We're moving in an entirely different way. We're moving into a paradigm of limitlessness.

Limitlessness is utterly foreign to us. We're used to thinking about restrictions. We do it in every area of life. We think and talk in terms of limitation. For example, I heard someone say that we won't have extraterrestri…

Lowering Your High Horse, Highering Your Low Horse

I like to give a head's up about what to look for as we navigate through these unusual times so that you can see that there's some order in the chaos and take heart. The head's up here is to look out for the disassembling of hierarchy.

We're moving from a global social structure founded on the idea that everything and everyone is separate to one in which we understand and recognize that everything and everyone is one. All of our world structures have been based on the assumption of separation. Hierarchy is the byproduct of this belief in fundamental separation.

Hierarchies are the idea of quantities, that someone has more of something or less of something--more power or less power, more value or less value. The change that you're going to see will be away from the belief in amounts of things to the idea of focusing on a specific element of the whole in order to experience the qualities of that element. These are very different perceptions.

To understand the new sys…